About Our Clients

Rep-Logic functions as our clients’ “local sales presence”. A typical Rep-Logic client is a manufacturer of aerospace components and/or sub-assemblies, usually falling within one of the following categories:

Contract Manufacturing

Large OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) continue to divest of non-core tasks. Detail parts manufacturing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Most Aerospace OEMs recognize that their core competency is in systems integration, not manufacturing, creating opportunities for smaller firms to compete for the offloaded work.

Electrical Power & Power Management Systems

Most aircraft systems are designed, qualified and pretty much stay the same for the life of the aircraft. However, that is not the case with electronics. OEMs often perform technology “refreshes” and are always looking for capability improvements. This environment can provide ample opportunity for power system component manufacturers.

Fluid Power & Thermal Management Systems

Although some OEMs have chosen to divest of entire “systems” responsibility, there are consequences for doing so. When all things are considered, many OEMs still prefer to retain system level control. Doing so can create significant opportunities for detail component manufacturers.

Man/Machine Interface Technologies

Recognizing the critical role that the man/machine interface serves (with respect their customer’s satisfaction) most OEMs have retained direct control over this niche area. This creates opportunities for component manufacturers to continue interacting directly with OEMs.

Systems Monitoring & Connectivity

The use of computer processing on aircraft has grown and will continue to grow exponentially. With the goal of enhancing safety, collection and real time analysis of both individual component and entire system level performance has become commonplace. The current trend is toward Systems “talking” and “interacting” with one another…these trends can offer significant opportunities for detail component manufacturers.

Rep-Logic has extensive experience in all of these niche areas… Is your company a good fit? If so, please fill out the form on the Contact Us tab to initiate discussions.