AeroSupplierLocator is a content aggregator focused exclusively on the Capabilities of the Aerospace Supplier Community.

Why use AeroSupplierLocator?

Customer (site user) Benefits:

  • Dramatically reduces the amount of search time required to actually “find” supplier capability information (applies process control to the act of Googling).
  • Appeals to the younger, internet savvy professionals who prefer web interaction vs. more traditional means of communication.
  • Facilitates an “apples to apples” comparison of supplier data via a common format.
  • Actively manages the impact of merger & acquisition activity (identifies legacy sites and omits zombie sites, saving valuable time/resources).

Supply Base (content provider) Benefits:

  • Provides suppliers the ability to communicate all capabilities, not just selected highlights, as are often depicted on company websites.
  • Provides suppliers the means to ensure “equal opportunity” for exposure relative to that of their competition.
  • Eliminates the hazard of 1) being “lost” amongst the irrelevant clutter of typical search engine results… and/or 2) customer distraction & redirection to a competitor’s site.
  • Provides the equivalent of conducting a “virtual sales call”… which helps ensure that your customer knows exactly what your company is capable of (peace of mind).

Regardless if Rep-Logic sales representation is a good fit, all component manufacturers in the aerospace industry need to be part of this dynamic and rapidly expanding capabilities directory. So please… check out, register as a user and add or claim your company’s supplier profile today!