The Aerospace Industry can be as Complicated as it is Competitive… Why not let Rep-Logic be your Navigator?

Who We Are...

Rep-Logic Inc. is a niche provider of technical sales & marketing services. The company is focused exclusively on the civilian and military aerospace industry located within the State of Texas.

While our potential customer base covers the full spectrum of aviation related businesses, Rep-Logic is primarily focused on selling into large and sub-tier aircraft manufacturers.

f-16 cockpit - let rep-logic be your navigator in aerospace sales & marketing

What We Do…

Rep-Logic Inc. provides professional sales representation services to small and mid-sized component manufacturers. Annual sales of a typical Rep-Logic client range anywhere from $ 5 million to $100 Million. Companies in this size range can benefit significantly from having a “contract” sales force. We don’t get paid unless we sell your products and we pay all of our own operating expenses. Our clients realize that having a variable (rather than fixed) cost of sales can contribute to a stronger bottom line.

The New Norm

The entire sales profession is currently under attack and experiencing significant disruption. In the end, only those able to adapt will survive and ultimately thrive in the “new norm”.


In response to the rapid and irreversible changes our industry is experiencing, Rep-Logic has created what we believe is the Next Generation “Capabilities Search Platform” for Aerospace.